Toshiba 10M RT10M 6050A2250301-MB-A02 (BIOS)

Introducing the Toshiba 10M RT10M 6050A2250301 laptop motherboard, which made its debut in 2009. This motherboard is tailored to seamlessly integrate with Toshiba Satellite M300 and Satellite M305 laptops. Below, you’ll find its key specifications:

Toshiba 10M RT10M 6050A2250301-MB-A02 (BIOS)
  • Processor: Accommodates Intel Core 2 Duo processors, with options such as the T5600 or T7250.
  • Memory (RAM): Supports memory configurations of up to 4GB DDR2.
  • Storage: Offers compatibility with up to a 250GB SATA hard drive.
  • Display: Compatible with displays of up to 15.4 inches, boasting WXGA resolution at 1280×800 pixels.
  • Graphics: Features integrated Intel GMA X3100 graphics.
  • Operating System: Works seamlessly with either Windows XP or Windows Vista.

The Toshiba 10M RT10M 6050A2250301 is positioned as a mid-range laptop motherboard, engineered to tackle fundamental tasks like web browsing, email management, and document editing. While it may not occupy the top tier in terms of raw power, it caters adequately to the needs of the majority of users.

Here’s a glimpse of its advantages and limitations:


  1. Compatibility with a variety of Toshiba laptops.
  2. Supports memory configurations of up to 4GB.
  3. Accommodates up to a 250GB SATA hard drive.
  4. Compatible with displays up to 15.4 inches and WXGA resolution.


  1. Falls short of being the most powerful motherboard on the market.
  2. Compatibility may not extend to all Toshiba laptops.
  3. In some cases, a BIOS update may be required to support newer processors.

All in all, the Toshiba 10M RT10M 6050A2250301 stands as a sensible choice for users seeking a mid-range laptop motherboard capable of handling basic tasks. However, for those demanding a high-powered motherboard for gaming or video editing pursuits, alternative options may be more suitable.

Toshiba 10M RT10M 6050A2250301-MB-A02 (BIOS)

Download BIOS Bin file: Toshiba 10M RT10M 6050A2250301-MB-A02 (BIOS)

Download for free: Link 1


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