This PC can’t run Windows 11

This PC Doesn’t meet the minimum System requirements to install this version of Windows.

I was trying to install Windows 11 and i got this message which says this PC cant run Windows 11, If you get this message as well, then don’t worry we have an easy fix for this issue.

First you need Windows 10 ISO image and Windows 11 ISO image. Make a bootable USB from Windows 10 using RUFUS.

Extract Windows 11 ISO image and copy install.wim from the sources of Windows 11. Now delete install.esd file from your Windows 10 bootable USB which is in sources folder and replace it with install.wim. That’s all you need to do your new Windows 11 bootable USB is ready to install.

The above solution doesn’t fix your issue with your Windows 11 “This PC cant run Windows 11” then please follow this link.

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