Google image search

Search by Image (Google)

Search by Image in Google also called reverse image search is a very useful service which lets you find the original source of image also other related images.

If you have an image and you want to know from where that image came from or what this image is about you can follow this post.


Google test image

Let’s look for an image in Google Chrome.

  • Click on “Images” on top right of Google Chrome Windows.
Google Search by Images how to fix laptop
Google search by images
  • Click on “Search by image” icon.
Upload image to search by Google image searcher
Upload image in Google images
  • Next click on “Upload an image”.
  • To select image file click on “Browse”.
Upload and Browse Google image in Chrome
Upload and Browse an Image
  • Now select your image you want to locate in Google.
  • image name “test-image” selected (File “test-image” is our website logo in JPEG format).
  • Choose to “Open”.
Image to search in Google
Test image Google search by images
  • Google search found our website only from our logo with no real name or details of our website which is very cool.
Google image search in Chrome
Google search image successfully found image details

This is a very useful trick to find something on Google by only using picture or image.

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