Reset Windows 7 Password

Reset Windows 7 (Forgotten) Password

Reset Windows 7 Forgotten Password, If you forgot your Windows 7 administrator password and you want to access to your really important data then this tutorial is for you. Forgetting account password is very common and you don’t need to panic, there are many ways to reset your forgotten password for Windows, the one I will show you guys is using a bootable Windows 7 USB and try to access to system32 files. So lets get started.

Windows 7 login password is forgotten
Windows 7 Login password is incorrect


  • Shut down your computer.
  • Plug in your Windows 7 bootable USB.
  • Go to Boot Menu by pressing f12 key (Lenovo laptop).
  • Select USB in Boot Menu list hit enter key (You can also use Windows 7 DVD).
Access to Boot menu press f12
Lenovo boot menu
  • Windows installation process begins click on “Next”.
Windows 7 password reset click next
Windows 7 click next
  • Click on “Repair your computer”.
Repair your computer Windows 7 boot USB.
Windows 7 Repair your computer

Repair Your Computer

  • In System Recovery Options select “Restore your computer using a system image that you create earlier”.
  • Click on “Next”.
Windows 7 system image restoring for password reset
Restore your computer — System image
  • A pop up menu will appear click on “Cancel”.
Windows 7 Re-image Cancel
Cancel Re-image Windows 7
  • Again click on “Cancel”.
Cancel Windows 7 system image backup
Cancel system image backup Windows 7

Command Prompt

  • In System Recovery Options select “Command Prompt”.
Command Prompt — System Recovery Options
System Recovery Options

Type the follwing command in CMD.

  • C: (press enter key).
  • CD WINDOWS (press enter key).
  • CD SYSTEM32 (press enter key).
  • REN SETHC.EXE SETHC.EXE.BAK (press enter key).
  • COPY CMD.EXE SETHC.EXE (press enter key).
  • Now Close Command Prompt Windows by simply clicking on cross sign on top right side.
Command Prompt Sethc.exe Cmd.exe
Command Prompt Sethc.exe cmd.exe
  • Click on “Restart”.
Restart Windows
Restart Windows 7 password reset in cmd
  • Windows 7 login screen will appear after restart.
  • Next press SHIFT KEY in your keyboard five (5) times.
  • CMD Windows will appear.
Press shift key five times to enable CMD.
Press SHIFT KEY 5 Times
  • Type the following command in your CMD.
  • NET USER USERNAME NEWPASSWORD. e.g. net user “Apple Store” 12345
  • Hit Enter key
  • You will see a message “The command completed successfully”.

Please also note that instead of “username” you have to right your login account name like mine is “Apple Store”. If you don’t have space in your login account name then do not use double quotes around your username. Password is your new password, it could be anything you want like I use” 12345”.

  • Close Command Prompt Menu.
  • Type your new password e.g. my password is 12345.
  • Hit Enter key.
To change or reset password type net user username password in CMD.
Net user username password
  • Mission Successful
  • My admin account is now accessible and my data is safe.
Login to Windows account successfully — forgotten password
Successfully login to Windows 7 after password reset






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