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Recuva data recovery - How to fix laptop

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Recover deleted files on Windows 10/ Windows 8 / Windows 7

Recover deleted or lost files from your USB, SSD, SD card or Hard drive partitions. This tutorial will guide on how to recover your deleted, lost files or documents. We live in a technological era, and our most important documents and data are in soft form, which can be deleted or lost easily. Data recovery software for PC

Recuva Data Recovery

There are many recovery software’s that promise to recover your data in a blink of eye, which is great, some of them are paid while others are free. There are few recovery softwares I like the most, but today in this post I will cover a Free Recovery Software which works like a charm. You can recover your deleted files and documents, you can also recover your important files from a corrupt USB or Hard drive.

Start data recovery

Let’s begin with the data recovery process.

  • Click on this link, to download Data Recovery Software.
  • You will be directed towards the data recovery software website.
  • Recuva data recovery software is what we need to install.
  • Click on “Download Free version” button in the browser.
Recuva data recovery software -how to fix laptop
Recuva data recovery software
  • In the next Page click on “Free Download” again to get the free version of this masterpiece.
  • There is a paid version as well which is a great price for the features Recuva data recovery Software offers.
  • For mean time lets go for the free version.
Download free version of data recovery software — how to fix laptop
Download free version data recovery
  • You can see the difference between free and professional version.
  • Click on “Download” to download free version.
  • Your download for Recuva data recovery software will start.
  • Install the downloaded program in your computer.
Click to download — How to fix laptop
Click on download

Recover my deleted files

Let’s test Recovery Software and make sure that this software does exactly what it says. I have a USB and I have two files in my USB.

  • Plug in “DATA USB“
  • Please note that my Data USB drive is D:\
My USB Data Flash — How to fix laptop
My USB Flash Drive

You guys can see in picture below I have two files in my data USB.

  • My website Logo.
  • Word Document.
My word document and web logo files — How to fix laptop
My Word doc and web logo-files website logo and word document.

Test my files for recovery — How to fix laptop
Open my files to check

Delete both files from the Data USB. Click on Yes to delete them permanently.

Delete USB Files — How to fix laptop
Delete my files from USB Drive

Let’s empty the Recycle bin as well just to make sure no copy of the files left in my computer.

Empty Recycle to delete files permanently — How to fix laptop
Empty Recycle bin to delete data permanently
  • Open Reuva Data Recovery Software.
  • Recuva might asks administration permission click on YES.
Open data recovery software — How to fix laptop
Open data recovery software

Recuva Welcome Wizard will show up, Click on “Next”.

Welcome to Recuva Wizard — How to fix laptop
Recuva wizard click next to continue

Recover All Files

If you know which sort of deleted or lost files or documents you are looking for e.g. picture, music or videos etc, then you can select from these options. As for me I want to recover my word document and picture. So I will just click on “All Files”. Now click on “Next”.

Choose which sort of files to recover — How to fix laptop
Choose which sort of files to recover

Choose Recovery Destination

Next step is to specify the location, click on “Browse” and choose the drive or partition from where you desire to recover data. I want to recover my deleted files from USB which is drive D:\, and once you done with that click on “Next”.

Choose drive you want to recover — How to fix laptop
Specify location for recovery

You can enable deep scan option if you want to, it will take a bit more time but its worth it. lets select deep scan option and click on “Start” to begin the data recovery.

Enable deep scan for data recovery — How to fix laptop
Enable Deep Scan

Scanning already started and estimated time to finish scanning is 10 minutes. It might take up to 20 minutes, all depends on your how big is your storage data.

Data Recovery Progress Scanning — How to fix laptop
Data Recovery Progress

It’s doing well as you guys can see 88% progress and 1068 files(s) found, wow like really I just deleted two files and this software found 1068 files in my empty USB.

Data recovery software found 1068 files — How to fix laptop
1068 files found

OK scanning is finished and look at the top of the list my two files are their, Nice job Recuva. This list is big and I think this software recover and restore my old deleted data which I don’t need anyways.

My data is recovered — How to fix laptop
My data recovered

Select the files and documents you want to recover from the list, my deleted files are on the top of the list, so I will tick them for recovery. You can select all and recover it, and if you don’t need some files or documents you can delete it later. Click on “Recover”.

Recuva choose files to recover — How to fix laptop
Choose files to recover

“Browse for Folder” menu will appear, choose a folder or location where you want to recover your data. I choose “Desktop” and “My Data Recovery”. Click “OK” to begin the recovery.

Choose destination to recover your files — How to fix laptop
Recuva data recovery

Recuva Data Recovery Operation completed. Click “OK”.

Data recovery successful — Operation completed — How to fix laptop
Data recovery Successful


Open “My Data Recovery” Folder and my two deleted Files are recovered.isn’t that amazing.

Deleted data recovered - How to fix laptop
Deleted data recovered

Let’s open both files to check if they are not corrupted. Well it seems they are fine, my image logo is fine and word document looks the same, So a big thanks to recuva for this amazing data recovery software.

Open delete files which are recovered — How to fix laptop
My deleted files recovered

Hope you guys like this post and please share it as much as you can so it can reach to the people who really need this tutorial. For support always welcome. Leave a comment.


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