Latitude E7440 VAUA0 (LA-9591P) REV:1.0(A00) BIOS

Navigating the Business Horizon: Dell Latitude E7440 VAUA0 (LA-9591P)

Latitude E7440 VAUA0 (LA-9591P) REV:1.0(A00) BIOS

Embracing the Corporate Stage: 2013’s Business Marvel

In the annals of 2013, the Dell Latitude E7440 VAUA0 (LA-9591P) took its position as a business-oriented laptop, resonating with a blend of purpose and pragmatism.

Essence of Performance

At its heart, the Intel Core i5-4300U processor orchestrates proceedings, wielding a dual-core dominion with a 1.9 GHz base clock that dances to a crescendo of 2.9 GHz through its turbo-boost capabilities.

Symphony of Memory and Swiftness

Accompanying this processor is an 8GB DDR3 RAM set at 1600MHz, serving as a conduit for seamless operations and swiftness in processing tasks.

Visual Landscape

A 14.1-inch HD (1366×768) TN display shapes the visual panorama, painting clarity and efficiency in every interaction.

Graphics Evolution

The Intel HD Graphics 4400 card engages with the graphics realm, rendering visual narratives through its architecture.

Gateway to Functionality

Windows 7 Professional 64-bit furnishes the landscape upon which productivity unfurls, fortified by a constellation of connectivity options.

Connectivity Constellations

Amidst its form, the laptop presents an array of 2 USB 3.0 ports, mirrored by 2 USB 2.0 counterparts, alongside HDMI, RJ45, an SD card reader, and a docking connector.

Network Synchronization

Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0 coalesce, knitting a tapestry of network and communication opportunities.

Power of Mobility

With a 56WHr battery, mobility is empowered, a trait bolstered by dimensions measuring 12.6 x 8.5 x 0.8 inches and a weight of 3.7 pounds.

Akin to the Business Symphony

The Professionals’ Ally

Designed to be the companion of business aficionados, the Dell Latitude E7440 VAUA0 (LA-9591P) strides confidently into the realms of web browsing, emails, and software productivity.

Heart of the System

Rooted within is a dual-core processor and an 8GB RAM ensemble, designed to withstand the rigors of the professional landscape.

Data Sanctum and Visual Canvas

A 256GB SSD vaults data, painting an agile canvas for storage, while the display, though not a zenith, offers adequacy.

Graphics in Perspective

Graphics prowess might not align with gaming ambitions, but it endeavors to meet the basics of multimedia consumption.

Battery Cadence and Portability

With commendable battery life, the laptop treads the path of portability, casting a weight of 3.7 pounds.

A Balancing Act


  • A bulwark of reliability and durability
  • Embracing portability and lightness
  • Battery life that endures
  • Abundance in storage capacity
  • Configurability in hardware options


  • Display falls short of brilliance
  • Graphics not suited for gaming
  • Lacks the luster of the latest models

In retrospection, the Dell Latitude E7440 VAUA0 (LA-9591P) emerges as a trusted companion for the business voyage, marked by its dependability, mobility, and performance prowess.

Dell Latitude E7440 VAUA0 (LA-9591P) REV:1.0(A00) BIOS + EC + KBC

Download for free: Link 1

FILE AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD: Dell Latitude E7440 VAUA0 (LA-9591P) REV:1.0(A00) BIOS + EC + KBC


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