Laptop power on but no picture

Laptop Led Lights ON But No Display (No Picture)

Are you an IT Technician? Or a normal laptop user, this post will guide you through on how to fix a laptop that has power led on, but nothing on screen, no display, no cursor, only you can hear the hard disk spinning but you don’t see anything on the screen. If this is your problem then you are at right place. Let’s begin with Step by step diagnosing and troubleshooting a Laptop Led Lights ON But No Display/No Picture.

Disconnect External Devices:

  • First Remove all external devices connected to your laptop e.g. USB, SD card, External keyboard, or external mouse.
  • Now Power on your laptop and check if you have anything on your laptop display. Don’t have any display? No worries go to next step.

Flashlight on Laptop Screen:

Power on your laptop, use flashlight on your laptop screen and check if you can see any picture or display. In some cases it’s the backlight that cause dim screen problem. If you have picture on the laptop screen when you use flashlight then you have faulty backlight inverter or a bad backlight fuse. We will cover this kind of fault soon in our upcoming post. If you don’t have picture even after using flashlight then go the next step.

Remove Laptop Battery:

  • Remove or disconnect your laptop battery, and unplug the charger.
  • Press and Hold “Power ON” button for 20minutes to 30 minutes.
  • Plug in the charger and Power on your laptop(do not connect battery).
  • This should fix the problem if you have any static current in your laptop mother board, If the problem persist jump to the next step.

Reseat Memory RAM:

  • Disconnect battery and charger.
  • Pull out RAM from your laptop.
  • Clean dust from the Memory Slots and also from the RAM.
  • If you have two RAMs, reseat first RAM in first SLOT, leave the other RAM out, plug in charger (keep battery out) and Power on your laptop. If you still don’t have display, pull out first RAM and connect it in second Slot. Check again for display, if not, do the same process for Second RAM.
  • It will be wise if you can get a working and tested RAM from another laptop and check it in your laptop.
  • Still no display? Go to next step.

Connect Laptop to External LCD/LED Monitor:

In this step you will use an external LCD Monitor and HDMI cable or VGA cable depends on your laptop. You have to connect your laptop to the external monitor via HDMI or VGA cable. If you can get your laptop display on external monitor than most likely your laptop screen is bad, or your display connector is faulty, always try to test it with a working one, to make sure which part you need to replace. If you don’t have any picture from your laptop on LCD Monitor then you may have a faulty (GPU) Graphic Card. A faulty graphic card is common with AMD, RADEON, ATI, NVIDIA etc, If you have Intel graphic card in your laptop than its very small chance that your GPU is faulty.

Common Symptoms with Bad Graphic Card:

  • No display.
  • Laptop Power on, you can see power on led lights but no picture.
  • You can hear hard disk spinning.
  • Laptop Cooling Fan works.
  • Your laptop graphic card is NVIDIA, ATI, RADEON, AMD, etc.(If your laptop have the above symptoms and your graphic card is from one those brands then its 90% of chance that your graphic card is gone).

Fix Laptop Graphic Card:

To fix a graphic card issue permanently you have to Re-ball it. Re-balling is a process through which you remove the old soldering balls and replace it with new soldering balls. If you are a professional hardware technician then it should be easy for you with the right tools. But if you are not professional then you can also reheat the graphic card. Reheating the Graphic card is easy but it’s not permanent, it may fix your laptop for a week or month, if you are lucky may be for years.

Hope you guys like this post[Laptop Led Lights ON But No Display/No Picture] if there is anything I missed please let me know through comment section I will be happy if you share your experience. You might want to see another post about dead laptop click here. Please like & Share this post.


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