HP Pavilion 15-P TPN-Q140 DAY11AMB6E0 (REV.E) BIOS

HP Pavilion 15-P TPN-Q140 DAY11AMB6E0 Laptop Review: Budget-Friendly Basics

HP Pavilion 15-P TPN-Q140 DAY11AMB6E0 (REV.E) BIOS

When it comes to budget-friendly laptops, the HP Pavilion 15-P TPN-Q140 DAY11AMB6E0 holds its ground as an entry-level option. While it may not boast high-end specifications, it caters to users seeking affordability and reliability for everyday computing. In this review, we’ll delve into the key features and performance of this laptop, weighing its suitability for common tasks.

Essential Performance

At its core, the HP Pavilion 15-P houses an Intel Core i5-4210U processor. Operating at a base frequency of 1.7 GHz and capable of reaching 2.7 GHz with Turbo Boost, this CPU handles basic tasks like web browsing, email, and word processing with ease. However, it may struggle with more demanding tasks like gaming or video editing.

Moderate Memory and Storage

This laptop comes equipped with 6GB of DDR3L-1600MHz RAM, providing adequate memory for smooth multitasking during everyday use. While it’s not the highest capacity, it ensures responsive performance for typical computing tasks.

For storage, it offers a 500GB 7200RPM SATA HDD. While HDDs are generally slower than SSDs, this drive provides ample storage space for your documents, media, and applications. It’s suitable for users who prioritize storage capacity over speed.

Functional Display

The HP Pavilion 15-P features a 15.6-inch diagonal HD (1366 x 768) BrightView LED-backlit display. While it may not deliver the highest resolution, it offers a serviceable visual experience for everyday use, including web browsing, document editing, and casual media consumption.

Integrated Graphics

With Intel HD Graphics 4400, this laptop is not geared towards intensive graphics tasks or gaming. It’s designed to handle standard display needs, making it suitable for regular office work and entertainment.

Operating System and Connectivity

The laptop runs on Windows 8.1 (64-bit), providing a familiar and user-friendly interface for most users. Its connectivity options include 1 USB 3.0 port, 2 USB 2.0 ports, 1 HDMI port, and 1 headphone/microphone combo jack. While it lacks the latest USB Type-C ports, it offers multiple connectivity options for your peripherals and external devices.

Wireless connectivity is covered by 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 support, allowing you to connect to networks and peripherals wirelessly.

Portability and Build

Weighing in at 4.78 pounds and measuring 14.9 x 9.2 x 0.9 inches (W x H x D), the HP Pavilion 15-P is a moderately portable laptop. It’s suitable for users who need to carry it occasionally, such as students or professionals on the move.

Pros and Cons

As with any budget laptop, there are pros and cons to consider:


  • Affordable Price: This laptop offers budget-friendly pricing, making it accessible to a wide range of users.
  • Backlit Keyboard: The inclusion of a backlit keyboard allows for comfortable work in low-light environments.
  • Multiple USB Ports: It provides a variety of USB ports for connecting peripherals and accessories.


  • Slow Processor and HDD: The processor and HDD may not meet the demands of more resource-intensive tasks, including gaming or video editing.
  • Basic Graphics: With Intel HD Graphics 4400, it’s not suitable for graphics-intensive applications or gaming.
  • Limited Performance: While capable of basic tasks, it may struggle with more demanding workloads.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the HP Pavilion 15-P TPN-Q140 DAY11AMB6E0 offers affordability and reliability for users in need of a basic laptop for everyday tasks. While it may not excel in performance or graphics prowess, it serves its purpose as an entry-level option. If your computing needs are modest and you prioritize budget-conscious options, this laptop could be a practical choice. However, for more demanding tasks, it’s advisable to explore more powerful alternatives.

HP Pavilion 15-P TPN-Q140 DAY11AMB6E0 (REV.E) CPU SR1EF BIOS

Download BIOS Bin file: HP Pavilion 15-P TPN-Q140 DAY11AMB6E0 (REV.E) CPU SR1EF BIOS

Download for free: Link 1



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