HP BIOS Password Generator

For Hp 6th Gen or above (Password
type “i 8 digits or “I” 8 digits)

i8 hp password generator
Hp password generator for bios i8 digits.

This tool is for HP Laptops only and from 6th generation to 8th gen or above,
with [i 8 digits code]. HP BIOS Password Generator

Step 1: Power on your laptop.
Step 2: Type any random passwords three times.
Step 3: You will see a pop menu with a message “System Disabled” as shown above, also with [i 8 digits code]. This is actually our unlock code, and we have to crack it by typing the code in the “HP BIOS Password generator”.

Please type your i8 code below & Click on “Generate Master Code“.


Tool Developer Credits: CodeCentre

This tool is specifically designed for HP BIOS Password recovery for the 6th generation or above. To work with this tool you have to try three (3) wrong or random passwords to get the i8 digit code.

Once you get the code type it in the box and click to generate the master code.