Format Hard disk or USB in CMD

Create bootable USB

Windows bootable USB, CMD


Format hard disk, USB, or SD card in CMD (Command prompt). You can format your external device in any windows.

Follow these steps shown bellow:


Open Command Prompt

  • For Windows 7 users go to the start menu and in search bar type cmd. After cmd.exe icon popup, just click on that icon (if the system ask you the administration permission simply click on YES).
Windows 7 start menu, command prompt in windows 7, type cmd in windows 7
Windows 7 start menu
  • If you want to format hard disk, USB, or SD card using CMD Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 just press and hold “Windows key” and while holding Windows key on the keyboard just press “X”.
win+x, windows 8,8.1,10 press and hold windows key and press x key
Win key + x
  • A menu will popup, in the menu click on “Command Prompt”.
Device manager menu, command prompt menu, system menu, task manager menu, run, search, power option, disk management.
Win key+x popup menu
  • Once command prompt is open, you can type the following commands to format your external device. In my case I have a USB. Please make sure you already saved your important data somewhere else as formatting any external device will delete all data from that external device.
Command prompt in windows, cmd in windows, format hdd in cmd
Command Prompt in Windows

Run Diskpart

  • In command prompt type “diskpart” hit enter key in the keyboard. A new window will open which is also called diskpart.exe as shown in pic below.
Windows Command Prompt Diskpart
Windows Command Pormpt – Diskpart

Start Format in CMD

  • In diskpart type “list disk” and select which disk you want to format in my case I have to format Disk 1 which is 14 GB USB. Type the commands below one by one.
  • Type “Select disk 1” hit enter key.
  • Now type “clean” hit enter key again.
  • Next “create partition primary” hit enter key.
  • Select partition 1” hit enter key.
  • Active” hit enter key.
  • Format FS=NTFS quick” hit enter key again.
  • Type “Assign” hit enter key.

Now close your cmd windows and congratulations, you have formatted your external device successfully. Please Like & Share this post. Do you have any question regarding this post? Click on Contact.

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