Fix This PC Can’t Run Windows 11

Windows 11 installation stuck at This PC can’t run Windows 11

How to Create Windows 11 Bootable USB/Fix This PC Can’t Run Windows 11, so Windows 11 is already here but during installation it gives you an error of “This PC can’t run Windows 11 This PC doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements to install this version of Windows”, but as you guys knows that there’s always a way so please follow the instruction below on How to properly make Windows 11 bootable USB.

Things you need to make a bootable Windows 11 USB

  • Windows 10 ISO image
  • Windows 11 ISO image
  • 7 zip extractor (you can use any file extractor tool)
  • Rufus
  • ImgBurn (Free to download no activation required)

Let’s begin

Extract your Windows 10 ISO image to folder on desktop and name it anything you want e.g. Windows 10 files.

Extract your Windows 11 ISO image to folder on desktop and name it Windows 11 files

Create a third folder and name it “My Windows 11”

Now copy Windows 10 files and paste it in “My Windows 11” Folder.

Next open “My Windows 11” folder and look for “Sources” folder and click on it.

Find a file with name “Install.esd” or “install.wim” and delete it.

 Now open “Windows 11 files” folder then click on “Sources” folder and find a file with “install.wim” and copy it. Go back to “My Windows 11” folder then click on “Sources” folder and paste “install.wim” file.

Next Step

Open ImgBurn software (A free program that allows to change folders and files to ISO image)

Click on “Create image file from files/folders”.

Click on “folder with magnifying glass” on Source box and select your folder “My Windows 11” click on “Select Folder”.

On “Destination” box choose where you want to save your ISO image for Windows 11.

Next click on “Advance” then click on “Bootable Disc” and tick mark “Make Image Bootable”.

Next click on “Boot Image” Folder icon and go to your desktop look for your “Windows 11 files” folder find “boot” folder and select “etfsboot” and click on “Open”.

Next on “Sectors To Load” type “8” And click on “Go” or “Folder to ISO” Icon to create ISO Image, Once it is completed open “Rufus”

Last Step

Select your USB stick in Device box

Click on “Select” to choose “Boot Selection” and look for the ISO image you have just created with ImgBurn.

Next Partition Scheme select “GPT” OR “MBR” it really depends on your system BIOS, if its in legacy mode then go for “MBR” otherwise for UEFI/EFI choose “GPT”.

Select  “NTFS” in File System Box.

Last step just click on “START” and wait for you Windows 11 bootable USB.

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