Create Bootable USB Windows

How to create bootable USB

To create a bootable USB you need the following files.

  • Rufus
  • ISO image for any required windows

You can click on the video link below if you want to watch “how to make a bootable USB” or you can keep scrolling down to follow my tutorial.


  • Open Rufus (right click and open or double-click on Rufus icon).
  • Plug in your USB to the laptop (remember your USB will format so make sure you do not have any important data in your USB).
  • In “Device” tab your USB will be automatically detected.
  • Click on “SELECT” button and choose your windows ISO image.
  • In “Partition Scheme” choose “MBR”.
  • Files system should be “NTFS”. In case its in “FAT32” change it to “NTFS”.
  • Leave the rest options as they are, you do not need to do any changes.
  • Click on “START” button (A warning menu will pop up, make sure you do not have important data).
  • The process will begin (wait for it at least 10 minutes).
  • You will see a “READY” message from the software when the process is complete.

Congrats ! Your bootable USB is ready, you can use same process to make bootable USB for any windows. Please Like & Share for Support click here.







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