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Hide Hard Disk Drive in Windows

How to hide hard disk drive in Windows

Hide your hard disk partition in Windows

Hide Hard Disk Drive in any Windows. This is a simple trick in Windows to hide your local disk, if you have some important data or documents and you don’t want that someone else change or see it you can hide or disappear your hard drive partition.

  • Open your Run dialog box by simply pressing Windows key + R in Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows 10. OR in Windows 7 click on start menu and type Run in search.
  • In Run dialog box type “gpedit.msc”.
  • Click on “OK”.
Open Run in Windows
Open Run in Windows
  • Group Policy Editor Windows Click on small arrow of “Administrative Templates” to expand.
  • Again from the list select “Windows Components” to expand.
Group Policy Editor in Windows
Local Group Policy Editor
  • Click on “File Explorer”.
  • Double click “Hide these specified drives in My Computer”.
Local Group Policy Editor — File Explorer
Local Group Policy Editor — File Explorer
  • A new Windows will pop up.
  • Select “Enabled”.
  • Now I want to hide my drive “D:”, select from drop down menu “Restrict D drive only”.
  • Click on “Apply”.
Restrict Drive D: in Hide these specified drives in My Computer
Hide these specified drives in My Computer
  • Refresh your computer.
  • Check your hard drive and you will no longer see your hard disk drive.
  • To show hidden hard drive disk you can choose “Do no restrict drives” and click on “Apply”.
Hard disk drive successfully disappear
Hard disk drives disappeared

Hide your hard drive disk to keep your data safe, if you find this trick in Windows interesting please Like & Share this post. Any issue in your laptop or Windows you can ask questions any time in our Community Support Forum.

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