Find Windows Missing Drivers/ Yellow Exclamation Mark

Missing drivers in device manager

Install missing drivers in device manager


Find Windows Missing Drivers/ Yellow Exclamation Mark on it. it is a very common issue with the Windows, especially when you install a new Windows. One way is to use a third party driver pack and install all missing drivers but sometimes it will make the case worse, by installing universal or old version of drivers for your hardware which will not work correctly. The best way which I follow is by installing drivers individually from the drivers support website of the hardware’s vendor e.g. HP, DELL, SONY, TOSHIBA, ACER, ASUS, FUJITSU, and many more. But to install individual drivers you need to know which driver you are looking for.

Well this why I am posting this tutorial, to find the name and brand of the missing driver so you can download and install it from Vendors’s driver support website. Below I share a picture of my laptop and I have a “PCI Device” driver missing. The process is same for “Unknown Device” as well. So lets find out the driver with the yellow exclamation mark on it.

Missing Device Driver/PCI Device/Unknown Drivers
Missing PCI Device / Unknown Drivers

Go to Device Manager

Any Windows user either Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows 10 can follow this tutorial, Find Windows Missing Drivers/ Yellow Exclamation Mark or PCI Device with yellow sign of exclamation.

  • In Windows 8 and Windows 10 Press Windows key + X key from keyboard, a menu will pop up on screen, Click on “Device Manager”.
  • Windows 7 users can click on Start Menu and go to Control Panel and then Device Manager.
Windows key+x to access to device manager menu
Device Manager Menu

PCI Device Properties

In Device Manager you will see a list of Missing Drivers with yellow exclamation mark on it. In my case I have one driver “PCI Device” missing, right click on missing driver, a popup menu will appear click on “Properties”.

PCI Device/Device Manager
PCI Device/Unknown Driver

Hardware Ids VEN/DEV

  • Click on “Details” tab in “PCI Device Properties” menu.
  • Click on “Property” drop down menu.
  • Choose “Hardware Ids”.
Hardware Ids for VEN/DEV
Hardware Ids PCI Device Properties

In Hardware Ids, Copy the four-digit numbers of Vendor and Device. “VEN_10EC” is Vendor whereas” Dev_5229” is Device.

PCI Device Properties VEN/DEV
VEN/DEV 4-digit numbers

Visit PCI Device Database website

Go to this website “” and type the 4 digit “VEN” numbers in vendor and 4 digit “DEV” numbers in device. Click on “Submit”.

PCI Lookup Database
PCI Look up Database

PCI Lookup is a database for Vendor and Device Ids. You can find the name of your missing or Unknown driver in your laptop. As you guys can see in picture below the result of PCI Lookup database and check the description. My missing PCI Device driver is actually a card reader driver RTS5229, and the vendor of this card reader is Realtek. Now its very easy to find that driver and install the missing driver.

Description for ven/dev in database

Remember always try to install your missing drivers from your hardware’s Vendor, if you try to install it through a third party website you will most likely get the old version driver with virus. Hope this Post helped you in installing your missing drivers. Please Like and Share. For Support click here.

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