Disable chkdsk in Windows 7

Disable Auto Check Disk (chkdsk) on Windows 7 Startup

Disable Auto Check Disk (chkdsk) on Windows 7 Startup. While installing Windows 7 many times system will start automatically disk checking after every boot, If you leave it to scan your computer it will consume a lot of your time. You can disable this feature in Windows 7 in CMD (Command Prompt). Follow these simple steps below.

  • Go to Windows “Start”.
  • Type “CMD” in search tab.
  • Right click on “CMD” icon and after open menu popup click on “Run as administrator”.
Windows 7 Start button menu
Windows 7 start CMD
  • Command Prompt (cmd) Windows should be run as administrator mode.
  • Now type “Chkntfs /x c:” as show in picture below.
  • Hit “Enter” Key from the keyboard.
  • Close CMD (Command Prompt).
  • Restart your computer.
Windows 7 cmd disable chkdsk
Chkntfs /x c:

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