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Delete Browser History

Clear or delete your browsing data in chrome, Firefox Mozilla, and in Opera. If you have any trouble or if you are using a different browser you can comment down below and I will try to help you as soon as possible. So let’s begin with the post (Delete/Chrome/Firefox/Opera History).

Clear Google Chrome History

To clean Google Chrome history click on “Customize and Control” menu on top right side as shown in picture below. Scroll down to “More tools” then Click on “Clear browsing data”.

Clean browsing history in Google Chrome.
Chrome History Clear

A “Clear browsing data” menu will popup. You can change “Time range” to clear your browsing history. Make sure “Browsing history” box is selected. Click on “Clear data” and you are done with cleaning your history. (Please note that I clear my history from last hour as shown in picture below, you can choose different time range to clean your history).

Google Chrome clear data for last hour
Google Chrome Clear data picture

Clear Firefox Mozilla History

Open your Firefox browser and Click on Menu on top right side of the browser.

Firefox web browser Clear history
Firefox Mozilla Menu

A menu will popup just scroll down to “History”.

Clean history in Firefox web browser
Mozilla Firefox History

Click on “History”, a second menu will appear where you have to click on “Clear Recent History”.

Clear Recent History in Firefox Mozilla
Firefox Clear Recent History

In “Clear Recent History” menu you will be able to clean your browser history, you can choose your time range for cleaning history e.g. Last Two hours, Last four hours, or if you want you can choose option “Everything” and this option will clean your entire browsing history from beginning to end.

Last hour Clear Recent History Firefox
Clean everything on Firefox Mozilla

Once you choose your time range you can click on “Clean Now” and your Firefox browser history will be deleted.

Clean Opera Browser History

To clean history in Opera Web Browser, Go and click on menu which is on top right side of Opera browser. Scroll down to the option “Clear browsing data”.

Clear Browsing data on Web Browser Opera.
Opera Browser History Clean

Click on “Clear browsing data” and another menu will appear where you can choose the time range of your history to clean, Now Click on “Clear data”. And you are good to go.

Opera web browser history clean

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