No Sound in Windows

Audio driver installed but (no sound)

Audio driver installed but no sound is a very common fault in Windows computer, If you are facing no audio/no sound problem in your computer then follow this post and it might help you fix this fault.

Check installed sound driver

To diagnose no sound fault in your computer the first thing you need to check is driver for sound, whether its installed or not. To check sound driver follow steps below.

  • Right click on “Computer” in Windows 7/8, if you are using Windows 10 you can right click on “This PC”.
  • Go to “Properties” from the drop down menu.
My computer properties
Right click computer properties
  • Select “Device Manager” in System Windows.
All Control Panel Items Device Manager
Control Panel Device Manager
  • Now in Device Manager drivers list check if you have “Sound, video and game controllers” category. If you do have this category in Device Manager then you already have sound driver installed. In-case you don’t have “Sound, video and game controllers” then you need to install driver for sound card.
  • Audio driver is already installed but no sound then go to next step.
  • If sound driver is not installed then you can install sound driver from your computer driver support website.
  • Having issues on how and where to find your computer driver, then click this link and our team members will guide you.
Sound, video and game controllers Device Manager
Sound, video and game controllers’ device manager

Sound driver is installed

Now that you know that your sound driver is already installed but still don’t have sound, it’s time to delete sound driver from Device Manager.

  • Double click “Sound, video and game controllers”.
  • Right click the name of Audio Device and click on “Uninstall” from the drop down menu, If you have more than one Audio Devices uninstall all of them.
Uninstall Sound drive from Device Manager.
Uninstall High Definition Audio Device
  • To Confirm Device Uninstall click on “OK”.
Confirm to uninstall device
Confirm Device Uninstall
  • Now click on “Scan for hardware changes” icon as shown in picture below.
Scan for missing drivers in Device Manager
Scan for hardware changes Device Manager

Restart your computer and check if you have sound now, If you do have sound then Congrats, If you don’t have sound go to next step.

Connect your working headphones or hands-free

Audio driver is installed but still no sound then we need to take troubleshooting further.

  • Connect your headphones to your computer audio jack port and check if you have sound in your headphone, If you do have sound in headphone then you probably have bad speakers in your computer and you need to replace them.
  • If still no sound in headphones then go to next step.
Headphones connected to laptop
Connect headphones to computer

Uninstall audio driver from Uninstall Programs.

Many times we install wrong audio or sound driver in our computer and the only solution to fix a sound issue is to delete that audio driver.

  • Go to “Control Panel” > “Uninstall Programs”.
  • From the list of drivers check if you have any program or driver installed related to sound or audio, If you do have please remove that program by uninstalling it.
  • Restart computer after uninstalling program.
Delete program or uninstall program in Control Panel
Uninstall program from Control Panel

Restarting your computer should fix your problem.

Hope you managed to bring back your computer sound, if not! Go to our community Support Forum, and we will help you.

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