Windows 10 Clean Installation

Windows 10 clean installation

Windows 10 64bit professional installation

How To Fix Laptop will guide you on Windows 10 Clean Installation. The installation process is very simple and easy. To install Windows 10 on your laptop you need a Windows 10 DVD or Windows 10 bootable USB flash drive. You don’t know how to make a bootable Windows 10 USB? Click on this [link] it will guide you on how to create a Windows bootable USB. I will be using Windows 10 bootable flash drive, So lets begin with the Windows 10 clean Installation process.

Boot order/ Boot Menu

To get to the Boot Menu, Insert Windows 10 bootable flash drive into your laptop USB port. Now “Power ON” your laptop and press few times:

  • F12 key if your laptop is TOSHIBA/DELL/ACER/GATEWAY.
  • F9 key if your laptop vendor is HP.
  • ESC key for some other vendors e.g. Samsung laptop.

In my case I have TOSHIBA laptop, So as soon I “Power On” my laptop I pressed few times F12 key, and I am in “Boot Menu” now.

Select your USB in Boot Menu and press Enter key.

Boot Menu Toshiba Satellite
Windows boot order — USB

Windows Installation Begins.

  • Choose your language to install
  • You can change your Time and currency format.
  • Also change your keyboard input method.
  • Click on “Next”.
Windows 10 Setup
Windows 10 Setup

Click on “Install now”.

Windows 10 Install Now
Windows 10 installation process
  • Click on Small box to accept Windows 10 license terms.
  • And Click “Next”.
Windows Setup License terms
Windows 10 License agreement

Please note that I am using 64bit Windows 10 professional.
If you have a Windows DVD or flash drive which is asking you
to choose from 64bit or 86bit(32 bit) check which bit is supported
by your laptop model. Most of them uses 64 bit but still its better
to confirm.

  • Choose Custom: Install Windows only (advanced).
Custom Installation Windows Only
Windows 10 Custom Install (advance)

Select your partition or drive to install Windows 10. In my case I have Unallocated Space of 298.1 GB. If you want single primary partition in your Windows you can simply select Drive(my case drive:0) and click on “Next”, But If you want more than one partition in Windows click on “New”.

Windows installation Unallocated Space
Windows 10 Unallocated Space
  • Choose your Primary Partition size.
  • I want my Primary partition around 100 GB.
  • So 100 GB multiply by 1024 equals 102,400 MB.
Install Windows in Unallocated Space
Unallocated space MB
  • Change Size to “102,400 MB” and Click on “Apply”.
100 GB Windows 10 primary partition
Windows 10 partition selection

A pop up menu will appear click on “Ok”. Windows Setup will automatically create additional partitions for system files e.g. Recovery partition, System Partition, MSR Partition.

Windows additional partitions for system files
Additional partitions for system files
  • See the picture below we still have 198.1 GB of Unallocated Space, we can do same process to make another partition, or we can choose drive letter for Unallocated partition in Windows Manage later when Windows installation is completed.
  • Now to Begin with Windows 10 installation Select “Primary” partition from the list of partitions.
  • Click on “Next”.
Windows 10 Primary partition
Primary partition for Windows 10 installation

Windows 10 clean Installation in Progress. It will take around 10 to 15 minutes depends on your Laptop and Hard drive. Remember if the process is taking like hours then try to check your hard disk health. We already mentioned in a post on how to check your hard drive health the link is here.

We are few steps away to complete the Windows installation. Choose your region and click on “Yes”.

Start with region Windows 10
Start with region in Windows 10

Also select your keyboard layout and click on “Yes”.

Windows keyboard layout
Right keyboard layout in Windows 10

You can add a second keyboard layout if you want to, I don’t need another keyboard layout, so I will click on “Skip”.

Windows 10 second keyboard layout
Second keyboard layout in Windows 10

Type your User Name in blank field and click on “Next”.

Windows 10 User account name
Who’s going to use this PC Windows 10

Type your new password for your account. If you don’t want any password on your login account then leave the field empty and click on “Next”.

Windows 10 memorable password
Memorable Password Windows 10

If you want that Windows keep your history and send your
activity history to Microsoft for better user experience you
can go for “Yes” as I don’t want that, so I will choose “No”.

Windows 10 activity history
Devices with activity history Windows 10

Again if you like to get help from your digital assistant called “Cortana” you can click on “Accept”. Cortana will also collect your user information including your location history, contacts, voice, speech input, typing history, search history, communication history, and much more. I don’t want to use any help from Conrtana, so I will “Decline” this service.

Windows 10 digital assistant
Help from your digital assistant Windows 10

Next is to choose privacy settings for your device and click on “Accept”.

Windows 10 privacy settings
Choose privacy settings Windows 10

Wait for Windows 10 to set up all settings for you. It might take a while but don’t rush we are almost finish.

Windows 10 take several minutes
Windows 10 take several minutes to start

After Windows installation completion, you will be directed to Windows 10 desktop. This is 64 bit professional Windows, the laptop model and vendor is TOSHIBA Satellite C75D-B7260.

Windows 10 64 bit professional installation completed
Windows 10 installation Completed

Hope you are able to install Windows 10 without any issues. In case if you have any problem or any question regarding Laptop hardware or Windows related, please go to our Community support Forum page and one of our team member will help you out. Like and Share this post. Thank you.

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