How to Diagnose and Fix a Slow Laptop

How to fix a slow speed laptop

How to Fix laptop that runs slow

This post is about how to diagnose and fix a slow laptop. A slow speed laptop is worse than a dead laptop. When you buy a new laptop and use it for the first time it feels a lot faster but as time passes by it gets slower. Why it gets slower over time? Here in this tutorial I will share with you Guys some tips and tricks to boost your laptop’s speed again. So let’s get started with this.

Disable Startup Programs:

Disable your Windows Startup Programs is the first thing you should if your laptop speed is slow. When login to your Windows many Programs will start open automatically and thus it will consume your Random Access Memory so try to disable as many programs as you can. Go to “Run” box Type “Msconfig” and press enter, after click on “startup” tab and disable all those program which you don’t want to open in your Windows Startup. Well if you want to know more about how to disable Windows Startup programs click [here].

Check Hard Drive Health:

In many cases the main reason of a slower laptop is the bad hard drive. A bad hard drive can affect your laptop speed. But don’t worry there are many free online tools and softwares that will test your hard drive health for free. The one I use for my customers to test a hard drive health is HD Sentinel. Click on this [link] to download the free versions and check your hard drive health. If it is less than 95% I will recommend you to Back up your hard drive data and replace your hard drive.

Hard drive health test — How to fix laptop
Hard drive health test/How To Fix Laptop

Uninstall Programs:

There are many unwanted programs that you don’t even use them, and sometimes you don’t have any idea how and who installed those programs in your computer. Many times you can’t even disable them from “Startup Programs”, well It’s time to get rid of them. Go to “Control Panel” click on “Uninstall a Program” and Uninstall all those Unwanted Programs from the list. IF you want more details follow this video.

Uninstall Programs in Windows

Low Disk Space:

A low disk space will slow down your laptop speed by 50%. If you already know your hard disk health is good then go to your computer and check your Primary Partition Disk Space, where you installed your Windows in most case its C:/. If Windows Primary Partition disk space is low then clean your hard drive. Try to uninstall programs which you don’t need, also clean your desktop, documents folder, downloads folder, picture folder, videos folder as they are connected to your Windows Primary Partition. If you have important data move it to the other partition if you have, if not, copy it to some external hard drive or other external storage device. It is recommended that you should leave 15% to 20% of empty disk space for the Windows Primary Partition of your hard drive.

Disk Space is Full — How to fix laptop
Low Disk Space/How to fix laptop

Upgrade your RAM:

You open a program in Windows it will use your computer Memory/RAM. If you have low memory in your laptop or computer it will run slower. The more programs you run at once the slower it gets. Upgrade your RAM in your computer and you will notice a big difference in your computer speed especially if you are running more than one programs at a time.

Check your Laptop Cooling Fan:

Cooling fan plays a huge role in a computer speed. Check your laptop cooling fan if the air coming out of the cooling fan is not blocking by a big pile of dust. Also change thermal paste on CPU and Graphic Chip if you have one. If you are not able to disassemble your laptop use a blower and blow some dust from the laptop outlet air vents.

Clean laptop cooling fan outlet vents using blower — How to fix laptop
Cooling fan outlet air vents/how to fix laptop

Computer Infected with Virus or Malware:

This is also a very common reason for a slow laptop. Virus can reduce your computer speed a lot. Use a good antivirus or anti-malware and scan your computer partitions. Please also note that sometimes a bad antivirus can also affect your computer or laptop speed.

Different types of antivirus softwares — How to fix laptop
List of some antivirus softwares/how to fix laptop

How to keep your computer away from virus?

This is a very common question yet very important one. Actually it’s because of our own mistake that we let the virus to infect our computer. Please follow few rules and your computer will never get infected with virus.

Rules to follow:

  • Install good antivirus software, it’s awesome if that antivirus works as an anti- malware as well.
  • Never connect a USB to your computer if you are not sure it is infected with virus or not.
  • Do not install pirated software.

Install Windows:

If everything is fine with your computer and you already follow the above steps and your computer is still slow then Install a new clean Windows in your computer. If you can back up your data somewhere else and clean(format) your computer hard drive it’s even better.

Follow all those steps mentioned above for how to diagnose and fix a slow Laptop one by one and hope you will bring your computer back to normal.

If you Guys have any question or issue regarding how to diagnose and fix a Slow Laptop or Windows and Computers you can post it in our Community Support Forum and our team members will try to get to you. Please like & Share this post.

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