Fix Dead Laptop-No Power On-No Lights-How To Troubleshoot

How to fix dead laptop

Fix dead laptop that shows no signs of life

In this post we will learn how to troubleshoot and fix dead laptop that won’t power on, and no lights at all. Inside this tutorial we are not talking about a specific laptop model or brand, Any laptop can be dead or have “Power on” issues. So if you have HP, DELL, TOSHIBA, ACER, ASUS, SONY, FUJITSU, NEC, or any other brand or company you can still follow this post.

Step 1:Test your charger

  • First thing first check your wall outlet because you won’t like to go through all that hassle only to find out that your wall outlet is the culprit.
  • Now that you are sure that wall outlet have AC current and your charger is getting that current, it’s time to check your charger.

I will show you two methods to test your laptop charger, first method is with the Multi meter and Second one is without Multi meter.

Test with Multi meter:

  • Plug in your laptop charger to the wall outlet.
  • Power on your multi meter.
  • Set your Multi meter Nob to “20v” as shown in picture below.
  • Touch the black probe(-) to the outer side of charger pin and red probe(+) to the inner side of the charger pin, you should get around 19v to 20v. You can also check output voltage on charger sticker or label if you are getting same voltage than your charger is good.

Test Laptop Charger without Multi meter:

  • Don’t have a Multi meter with you, NO Problem!
  • Connect your Laptop Charger to a Wall Outlet.
  • Leave that Charger for 15 to 20 minutes while plugged in to the wall outlet.
  • The charger should get warmer or hot in 20 minutes if it’s good, if not than most likely your charger is bad.
  • Let’s assume your charger is good then go to step 2.
Troubleshoot and diagnosing a dead laptop that shows no signs of life.
Test charger with multi meter

Step 2: Remove Laptop Battery

  • In second step take out your laptop battery.
Remove laptop battery, Troubleshoot and diagnosing a dead laptop that shows no signs of life.
Remove laptop battery
  • Plug in Charger to the laptop and press “Power On” button in laptop.
  • Check any blinking lights if the laptop still did not power on go to step 3.
Plug in Laptop charger, Troubleshoot and diagnosing a dead laptop that shows no signs of life.
Plug in Laptop charger

Step 3: Press & Hold Power On Button

  • Next step is remove laptop battery.
  • Disconnect plugged in charger from the laptop.
  • Press&HoldPower ON” button for 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Plug in charger to the laptop (do not connect battery) and press “Power On” button.
  • Most likely your laptop should power on at this stage if not go to step 4.
Troubleshoot and diagnosing a dead laptop that shows no signs of life. Press power on button for 20 seconds.
Press power on button for 20 seconds

Step 4: Locate and Reset BIOS/CMOS Battery

The steps above didn’t work for you, then it’s time to level up. To do this step you need to be a bit technical. You need to access to CMOS or BIOS battery (CMOS battery is a 3v battery for date and time and also for remembering BIOS setting), Most of the time you will find this battery at the back of your laptop, behind a small cover connected to motherboard, but if you are not that lucky then you have to disassemble your laptop to get access to CMOS battery.

  • Find CMOS/BIOS battery and remove it.
  • Wait for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Put the CMOS battery back.
  • Plug in the charger.(do not connect laptop battery)
  • Power on your laptop.
  • Most dead laptop POWER ON at this step. Otherwise, go to next step.
Troubleshoot and diagnosing a dead laptop that shows no signs of life. Remove CMOS/BIOS battery.
Remove CMOS/BIOS battery

Step 5: Reseat RAM/Memory

RAM (random access memory) or just Memory is sometimes the cause your laptop won’t power on. If your laptop is beeping or you don’t have a display on laptop, RAM is the reason behind that, in our case a dead laptop. Try to follow these few steps in case you have issue with RAM.

  • Remove both RAM if you have two, if not you should definitely have one.
  • Clean the dust from the RAM and also from the RAM slots.
  • Reseat the first RAM in the first slot. Now Connect the charger to the laptop and Power on laptop.(remember do not connect your battery at all). Still, your laptop have no signs of life.
  • Disconnect the plugged in charger and now remove First RAM from the first slot and put it in the second slot. Now connect the charger to the laptop and POWER ON your laptop if still doesn’t work, do the same trick with the second RAM. (Warning! Never connect any kind of power to the laptop while re-seating/removing/replacing Memory RAM).
  • All those steps didn’t work for you then go to next step.
RAM (random access memory), Troubleshoot and diagnosing a dead laptop that shows no signs of life.
RAM (random access memory)

Step 6: Remove Hard drive/Hard disk

  • Your laptop is still dead at this stage then remove hard disk from your laptop (battery should be already removed).
  • Plug in laptop charger.
  • Power on laptop.
  • Otherwise, go to step 7.
Remove SATA Hard Drive, fix a dead laptop that shows no sign of life.
Remove SATA Hard Drive

Step 7: Remove Laptop CD-ROM

  • CD-ROM is sometimes the reason of dead laptop as well.
  • Remove your CD-ROM.
  • Plug in charger and try to “POWER ON”. And let’s hope that your laptop shows some signs of life.
Laptop CD-ROM, Disassemble laptop, how to fix laptop
Laptop CD-ROM

In this post we cover “Fix Dead Laptop-No Power On-No Lights-How To Troubleshoot”. If that didn’t fix your laptop then most likely your laptop have some blown FET or CAPACITOR issue or in worse case IO SUPER CHIP. We will be soon posting about how to fix those issues. If this tutorial helped you please leave a comment also like & share this post. For support click here.

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