Month: April 2020

  • Install Windows Missing (Drivers)

    Install Windows Missing (Drivers)

    Find Windows Missing Drivers/ Yellow Exclamation Mark on it. it is a very common issue with the Windows, especially when you install a new Windows. One way is to use a third party driver pack and install all missing drivers but sometimes it will make the case worse, by installing universal or old version of…

  • Disable Startup Programs in (Windows 8/7/10)

    Disable Startup Programs in (Windows 8/7/10)

    When you boot up your laptop and it takes forever as you log in to your account, your laptop is running very slow, or when you log in to your Windows account and all your programs start automatically then this post is for you guys. When we install software sometimes it will ask permission to…

  • Laptop Led Lights ON But No Display (No Picture)

    Laptop Led Lights ON But No Display (No Picture)

    Are you an IT Technician? Or a normal laptop user, this post will guide you through on how to fix a laptop that has power led on, but nothing on screen, no display, no cursor, only you can hear the hard disk spinning but you don’t see anything on the screen. If this is your…

  • Fix Dead Laptop (No Power On) No Lights

    Fix Dead Laptop (No Power On) No Lights

    In this post we will learn how to troubleshoot and fix dead laptop that won’t power on, and no lights at all. Inside this tutorial we are not talking about a specific laptop model or brand, Any laptop can be dead or have “Power on” issues. So if you have HP, DELL, TOSHIBA, ACER, ASUS,…

  • How to Create Apple ID (Free)

    How to Create Apple ID (Free)

    In this tutorial you will learn how to make an Apple ID on Windows PC. For creating Apple ID you will need an Email Account, if you want to know how to make Email or Gmail Account Click [Link]. Follow the steps below to create your Apple ID. Visit Website Fill In The Form…

  • How to Create a Gmail Account

    How to Create a Gmail Account

    This tutorial will help you to sign up for a Google Account. All these steps are very easy to follow (with pictures), If you have any question regarding this post feel free to ask. You can comment down below as you scroll down to the end of this page or you can go to our…

  • Enable Windows On-Screen Keyboard

    Enable Windows On-Screen Keyboard

    This tutorial will guide you through “how to enable On-Screen keyboard” in Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows 10. So let’s begin. Hope this tutorial helps you, Please like are share our post and don’t forget to Subscribe our YouTube channel. Like & Share this post. For support click here.

  • Download any YouTube Video

    Download any YouTube Video

    Do you want to download YouTube videos? Well you have hundreds of options but here in this tutorial I will teach you a different way by using YouTube video download extension. We will be downloading videos by simply adding extensions to your web browser. So lets start this tutorial with Google Chrome. The video download…

  • Windows Account Password

    Windows Account Password

    Create a password for Windows 8 administrator account or change your password in Windows 8 is pretty easy, follow this tutorial and you will be able to do it in no time. Go to Control Panel User Accounts and Family Safety User Accounts Manage another account In-case you want to delete your password for your…

  • Delete Browser History

    Delete Browser History

    Clear or delete your browsing data in chrome, Firefox Mozilla, and in Opera. If you have any trouble or if you are using a different browser you can comment down below and I will try to help you as soon as possible. So let’s begin with the post (Delete/Chrome/Firefox/Opera History). Clear Google Chrome History To…